Marketing Strategy and Implementation

What every business needs to develop is a comprehensive marketing strategy,
to implement so that there is a continuous supply of the right customers.

In this one- on –one coaching programme you will be provided with :

  • Training on development of a marketing  focus/strategy, to attract customers.
  • Coaching and assistance in planning and implementing the marketing strategy.

The programme consists of an initial brainstorming session to open up our minds to the opportunities and the initial actions. You will learn the essential components of the programme: Educate, Diagnose and Offer. The next session will lock in the initial actions and information the business needs to collect. Following on you will be trained how to put together at least 4- 5 strategies for each of the three key areas (Educate, Diagnose, Offer). From these training sessions a marketing strategy plan will be developed.

You will receive fortnightly face to face sessions to review the results of actions taken, the results and feedback from customers.

You will:

  1. Learn how to identify your target and how to attract your chosen customer
  2. Learn how to prepare and implement a marketing strategy
  3. Learn to create an effective marketing plan
  4. Learn how to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your market strategy

Overall you will receive a package of eight face to face sessions and ongoing support and assistance during this four month programme.

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