Hamish Pryde BBS, CA, (PP)


I have been a Chartered Accountant since 2000, and have been involved in advising many industries including; road freight transport, dairy, sheep, beef, pig and alpaca farming, agricultural contracting, aerial top dressing, plus many different and varied retailers and rental property owners.

As a trusted advisor, I care about your business financial success combined with your personal success.  There is no point having a thriving business but an unbalanced home life.  It is about looking after both.  I am married with two young children and enjoy what I do.  I make sure I have plenty of family time as a good balance.  I look forward to a round of golf on the weekend and enjoy motorsport.

I provide common sense business advice and solutions.

Because I believe people are interested in five things:

1)    Growth - I can help you grow revenue and wealth.

2)    Profit - I can help you improve the profitability of your business.

3)    Cash Flow - I can help you understand, and get more free cash.

4)    Asset Protection - I can help you protect your assets.

5)    Succession - I can help you with selling or planning to sell your business.

How I have advised and assisted:


I have assisted client growth from the brink of bankruptcy, to a business with a current turnover of $7 million annually and growing.


We implemented a profit plan, regularly monitored proceedings with client meetings, and in the end exceeded the client's goal of profit in their first year of business.


With a client new to business, I showed them the need for working capital and good terms of trade, and implemented a system for how to be paid on time.  With understanding, the stress of business start up was better managed.

Asset Protection

One client owned four companies in their own names, set up without holistic forethought because of growth.  I came on board, and together we reorganised the ownership structures to a streamlined protected asset.


I have assisted the negotiation of the sale of the family business following the death of the husband, to the son, who would not talk to Mum or realise that there was goodwill to be paid for.

Selling or not

I have a client (let's call him Bruce) who had got to the point that early retirement was looking attractive. A bigger competitor was itching to make an offer.  Bruce thought the business was worth about $3 million. This was done by a quick calculation of the fixed assets only.  I said lets do a proper business appraisal and see what it's really worth. The appraisal was duly completed and the business value was around $5 million. The competitor was then told the business was for sale for $7 million. The competitor was not put off by the price, but Bruce said, "Nah I'm keeping it".Working with Bruce there has been a new management structure implemented, and Bruce works less and still owns all the business.

I enjoy being involved; helping people grow their business to whatever size they desire, protecting what they value, and revelling in their success.   Let me help you.

"Not Your Average Accountant!"

Hamish Pryde BBS, CA, (PP)


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Member of Organisations :

Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ)
Chartered Accountant & Public Practitioner
February 2000 - Present

New Zealand Trustee Association (NZTA)

Senior Member New Zealand Trustee Association
February 2013 - Present

National Road Carriers (NZ) Inc 
July 2010 - Present

Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association of New Zealand (RITANZ)

January 2014 - Present

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