The best way I have heard of making change happen, is this:

If you had to walk each day through a paddock and the grass was head high, you
would walk the path that you have always walked through. The path is the way you
always go because it's easy, the grass is all beaten down to a dirt track.

For change to occur, it takes about 30 days doing the different action for it to
become the new norm. For instance if you took a new route through the paddock,
it's hard; you have to beat the grass to one side and trample it down. If you do this
for three to four days it gets easy each day. However, if you revert back to the easy
track for a couple of days; when you go back to the new track, the grass would have
stood up and you would have to start all over again.

It's effortless to take the easy route. But if you want change to happen, it will take
30 days of taking the different track. Then after 30 days, the new track will be
trodden enough to make it the new easy route.

Change can effectively happen if you stick with it !!!