Our annual scholarship workshop day has been, and the reception from the participants showed that they were all "raving fans!"  Without exception the "very useful" box was ticked on every feedback form!

Do we as business owners take time to work on our business and on our attitude? 

It all comes down to choice.  We can choose to have a good attitude at work, or a bad attitude.  We can choose whether we want to make a difference or not to our lives, and our businesses.

If you are unhappy with the results you are achieving, have you made a conscious choice to attempt to make a change? 

We talked about Decision x Actions = Results.  While you may make a lot of decisions, without taking action you cannot get a result.  To get a different result you need to decide and take a different action.

For business improvement to occur, it will take investment of time and money.  There is no magic wand or super elixir.  To make a change, you have to want change to occur.  Once you have chosen the path that you want change to occur, you need to take action.  You need to act on it!

The choice to make change was valid, so you need to execute?!

One of the feedback comments was:  "Absolutely awesome, you guys are really down to earth and approachable" ~ Kelly from The Petcare Company.


So ….    "Don't just sit there - do something!!!"

(Catchphrase from Basil Fawlty to Manuel in the 80s comedy classic Fawlty Towers.)