Are you brave enough to tackle the bad or the ugly in your business?

Should you admit that at times you are the handbrake or that you create the bottleneck?

Are you still doing things in your business that you know you shouldn't?

If you keep doing the same things, don't be surprised when you achieve the same result.

Whatever it is upsetting your day, slowing your business down, taking your time up or feeling you need to clone yourself - tackle the problem head on!

Line it up and hit it with some shoulder like a "smash-em bro" league tackle, and take the wind out of the problem.
Address it - deal with it - and move on.

Be honest!  Ask for help if you can't fix it yourself. The longer you let it fester, the more poisoned your business could become.

Is your business plan outdated? Are your KPI's current, have they been reviewed or forgotten about?

Do you have a marketing plan or a budget to just spend, and hope the money comes back to you?

Do your monitor anything? If you monitor and measure it, you can manage it.

Don't just turn up to work each day, make a difference, do something different!

Make plans, get help, take actions and get a better result!

Hamish Pryde