In the news the other day, a representative of a child care facility that was struggling financially was complaining that there were at least 30 child care providers in the Mount Eden area in Auckland and something should be done?  Be done by whom I ask?

If there are 30 different providers of child care services, I bet they are not all equal.

They will all be different on:

1.            The qualifications of teachers.

2.            The facilities, area, and equipment.

3.            The teaching programmes.

4.            The mix of children.

5.            The provision and / or quality of meals.

6.            Reputation.

7.            Price.

It's a case of supply and demand.   What do the parents of the area demand?

Perhaps the ones complaining should look at themselves.  How do they compare to their competitors?  Are they providing a similar experience?  What is the quality of care?   Does the market place know they exist and can appreciate what they offer?  What is their point of difference?

Instead of moaning and whinging about it - do not expect everything to go well just because you open a child care facility, and do not just expect people to come to you.  

You first have to work on why the people should come!!