The real purpose of any advertisement is simply to get a response.

Notice, I didn't say, "To make a sale".  Nor did I say, "To make an impression".  Nor did I say, "To keep your name before the public".  I said, "To get a response"

Do you ask your customers where they heard of you? If you don't know how new customers are hearing about you, then your marketing has no purpose and you might as well go to the bank withdraw $1,000, and throw it in the air and walk away! Only the big guys like Coke and Nike can afford to get their name out there to generate future sales. I haven't got a spare million bucks to get my name out there, nor have you.

You would rather take that money and invest in marketing that you know works. So find out what works. Every time someone buys, ask them "By the way, can I just ask where you heard about my business?" Tally this up on a lead sheet. Get everyone in your team to do this. After 14 or 28 days see where people come from. This way you can find out what is not working and what is. You can change your spending accordingly.

Always test and measure any marketing initiatives. You want a call to action, a response, a sale, you don't want to be famous for being famous, leave that to the Kardashians.