Sales focuses on the interaction between people. Many people fear being seen as a ‘salesperson’. Use the tips below as a refresher or pointer on how to sell more comfortably.

  1. Focus on the customer/client:when selling it is 90% about what the customer wants and only 10% about you!
  2. Listen:customers want to be heard and respected, listen well.
  3. Be positive:if you can’t be positive about your product or service, don’t try selling it!
  4. Build rapport: make the customer comfortable by building rapport through eye contact, body language, even the handshake.
  5. Be confident: practice may not make perfect, but it certainly helps you to improve. Build your confidence through practice or through attending clubs like Toastmasters
  6. Be balanced: many people focus so much on the details of their product and service that they don’t focus enough on the sales process. Tell them what they need to know â€" not all you know.
  7. Dont overstretch: only agree to sell what you know you can deliver. Most clients are happy to start smaller and build up, but they rarely forgive you for knowingly overselling!
  8. Have fun: sales is a game, treat it as one and enjoy the selling process!